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Joseph Gordon -Levitt Wont be Playing Alberto Falcone

The whole Joseph Gordon-Levitt The Dark Knight Rises takes another twist in its long widing state even after his confirmation he’ll be in the upcoming movie. Now he’s in the movie saga continues on who actually will he play in the movies and over the weekend  many reports speculating that he’s  playing The Holiday Killer aka Alberto Falcone, a rumour Variety were stating was true  but now it seems he’s not playing the Italian mobster.

EW is saying he wont be playing Falcone and was only a rumour re-speculated by Batman fans themselves which to be honest we’re a little glad it may not be Falcone as we beleive the character doesnt have the pulling power or dominance of The Joker, Riddler, Penguin, more a secondary villian okay for the comicbooks or animation but major movie maybe a weak move even with Gordon-Levitt in the role.

There’s only one person out there who knows JGL’s role that’s Christopher Nolan and until there’s been a offical statement released from the director or Legendary pictures/Warner Bros he could be any character Alberto Falcone, The Riddler, Robin, even Batman or The Joker (as rumours state the movie maybe set in between movie one and two ). What is is worrying is the fact the two rumours have come from to very well respected media agencies EW & Variety and both dont run stuff with some shred of truth in the stories, which sounds like there sources probably convinced themselves what they were telling was true or both rumours where incorrect and was just the film studio leaking false info to stir things up for the movie.

If things start to get seriously out of hand maybe its time for the people ho know the truth to settle some matters.



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