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First Look At Stephen Lang as Khalar Zym in CONAN THE BARBARIAN

Here’s one dude you wouldn’t want meon a dark night, here’s the first true look at Stephen Lang as super bad dude Khalar Zym in Marcus Nispel’s CONAN THE BARBARIAN Remake.

Dig the funky hairystyle though you would want to say it to his face when he has gnashers and evil grin like this! Kaplaa! Is it me but since when have Klingons been in Conan the Barbarian? Lang’s make up is making him a littlelike a Star Trek Klingon but could we be looking at the original ancestors to the Klingons? Probably not  but close enough resemblence minus a few adjustments!

I do hope this movie does pay good homage to the original Im not Arnie Schwarzeneggers biggest fan but the original was one of the very few of his flicks I enjoyed.

If You missed the cgi puff of smoke and Jason moama swinging a big sword around for 60 seconds better known as the teaser trailer click here to watch.

Conan The Barbarian will be out in Glorious 2D and unglorious 3D from August 19th.



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