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Watch The Animated Short For JACK FALLS

We’ve had a flurry of Animated shorts the past few days especially from Zack Snyder’s Suckerpunch and now  this morning for JACK FALLS the third movie of a British thriller trilogy which is been released by Lionsgate this Monday 21st March.

The animated short  shows why Jack carries the guilt of the death of his former undercover police colleague Sid, played by Neil Maskell (The Football Factory, Bonded by Blood),this event is referenced in the Jack falls feature film.

Jack Falls stars Tamer Hassan, Simon Phillips, Olivia Hallinan, Alan Ford, Adam Deacon, Jason Flemying, Annie Cooper, Martin Kemp, Dexter Fletcher and there’s even a cameo from Zach Galligan remember The Gremlins!

A Big thanks to Adam Smithe one of Jack Falls producers and Lionsgate Films for sending this short.

Here’s A DVD TV Spot for the movie too


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