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“The Last Bridge For Harry Potter?” First Image & Featurette For Harry Potter & The Deathly Hallows Part 2

Well Boys and Girls the countdown has started for the final Harry Potter Movie, HARRY POTTER & THE DEATHLY HALLOWS PART 2! Warner Bros Pictures have just sent us today 2 new goodies for the upcoming movie in the shape of the first offical image and a short behind the scenes featurette!

The image shows Harry Potter standing on a bridge in what looks like one at Hogwarts School which must be leading up to the image above with his confrontation with Voldemort where he asks Harry why are you alive and Harry repling because there things worth living for. As for theimage below according to Snitch Seeker they say the wand Harry has is Draco Malfoys wand and is the same room Voldemort had Harry tied up (above)! In the featurette we do get some more snippets of footage from the movie but its mostly the cast and director David Yates building up the momentum for the finalmovie with yates promises all out action which will hopefully cheer up those hardcore fans who didnt like the long road movie parts of part one despite the movie been a sucess.

Before July 15th comes around for the eight and final Potter movie there is the small matter of DVD/Blu-Ray release ofPart on April 11th. The movie is also been released on Video On Demand through Sky Box Office, Filmflex (Virgin Media), BT On Demand and you will have the exclusive footage of watching the opening scene of Part 2 ! So we can assume the hardcore fans will by the dvd as well watch the on VOD just to see that exclusive footage, and in the words of Roy Castle “Thats Dedication!”.

Watch out For a post today with info on the DVD/Blu-Ray release for Part one coming up.



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