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Michael Gough Star Batman & Hammer Films Passes Away Aged 94

British actor Michael Gough has sadly died at the age of 94, known for his many roles in Hammer House films and more recently as Alfred in Tim Burton’s Batman movies.The actor had been very ill for a  while now and passed away peacefully with his family surrounding him.

Gough appeared in 150 films and television shows which span a 65 year career but it was his protrayl as Bruce Waynes butler Alfred Pennyworth which many younger movie fans will remember him by. Tim Burton was a fan of the actor for a very long time going back to the Hammer Films of the 1960’s Gough appeared in and tried to get him in his movies for a very long time been hired first for 1989 Batman then again into the 1990’s in Batman Returns, Batman Forever and the Batman & Robin.

Tim Burton continued to hire him for his other features including in Sleepy Hollow, Corspe Bride even recently in Burtons reworking of Alice in Wonderland where he was the voice of the Dodo Bird. His last appearance was voice acting again this time as a parasite in All Star Superman animation.

Michael Gough’s Career break came in the 1946 television movie Androcles and the Lion, and his television career expanded into the 1960’s appearing  in such shows as The Adventures of Robin Hood, The Count of Monte Christo and The Saint. The next couple decades he appeared in many cult television The Avengers, The Champions, Colditz, Doctor Who and Blake’s 7. In Doctor he starred as the Celestial Toymaker in a 1965 episode with William Hartnell then again 1980 with Peter Davidson as the doctor.

He is survived by his fourth wife, Henrietta, daughter Emma and sons Simon and Jasper.

Found this featurette for Batman on youtube which talks about Alfred, its a great little featurette which includes some interview chats with Michael Gough too.


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