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Watch A New Clip & Featurette For LIMITLESS

Tonight Ill catch a preview screening of LIMITLESS starring Bradley Cooper as a struggling writer going through a sevre case of writers block and is given a opportunity to become perfect using 100% his brainpower through using a drug NZT,but the use of the drug comes with some little drawbacks. Ill admit I havent been impressed as much about this movie until recently were more positive reviews have come out, not making it a perfect movie but more enjoyable than i’m expecting so I am looking forward to tonight screening.

Below is a new featurette for the movie released by Apple giving us a little behind the scenes info about the movie and below the featurette is another new clip titled “Apartment Fight”. Limitless also stars Robert De Niro, Abbie Cornish , Anna Friel and will be out Wednesday 23rd in UK & Ireland and Friday in North America.




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