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The World’s Greatest Extra

You ever wanted to star in movies but you know you dont have the knack to be a lead, support or minor role in a movie? You ever considered making a career out been a extra in movies? No ? Maybe you should think twice befre giving up on the dream and look at this dude Jesse Heiman. This guy has made a career out of been that extra and has over 50 imdb credits to his name and he’s been doing it for a while on the big screen as well as television, he’s that extra who seems to play the same extras ‘part over and over again. The scary thing is he’s even playing the parts of people half his age and he is now in his 30’s!This is my first time hearing about him and below is a video montage of his parts and I’m sure now you’ll all be diving through your dvd/Bluray collection to try spot him ! Just think he could start his own craze ala “Where’s Wally” changing it to “Where’s Jesse”!!!

Enjoy the video montage homage to Jesse Heiman the world’s no 1 uncredited Nerd and the world’s no 1 extra!


One thought on “The World’s Greatest Extra

  1. I was once an extra and it’s no walk in the park. You’re the bottom of the barrel. First to arrive, last to eat. Kudos to Jesse and whoever dug up his clips.

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