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DISNEY Girls Go Suckerpunch and Wil.E Coyote does 127 Hours

Loads of video montages,parodies,mash ups going around the past week or two and I found these two videos both very entertaining as well as funny (well video 2 anyway).First up is the Disney movies Princess which see the girls of the movies do Suckerpunch in a mashup of the Suckerpunch trailer audio with scenes from the Disney movies and what makes this one so good is the timing. The audio part matches up very well with the scene from the Disney Movie and they even get a great scene to match up with Scott Glenn’s part too. In the second video is a funny rendition of 127 Hours with Wil.E Coyote taking the place of Aaron Ralston and putting aside the humour for a moment I’m sure the PC Brigrade if they get there hands on it it will be ripped to shreds for insensitivty to Aaron Ralston, watch it will you can.




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