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HALLPASS Video InterViews With Farrelly Brothers, Owen Wilson and Jason Sudekis

Today sees the release of The Farrelly Brothers return to the big screen with HALLPASS a comedy movie that sees best friends Rick and Fred who get granted a ‘Hallpass’ by there wives. What that means there given permission to do whatever they want for seven full days no questions asked, a dream come true for best buddies but they soon discover how out of sync they are with single life.

Its obivious Farrelly Brothers are big inspiration to such directors as Todd Phillips, Judd Apetow without the brothers there wouldnt have been The Hangover or movies like Superbad. I see the brothers like that football (soccer) player or boxer a veteren making a comeback and as fate always tells the old magic isnt there anymore, so could say the sucess of Something About Mary the brother are relying a little on to rub onto Hallpass. Another great thing I think about the brothers movies is they sort of show what men talk about when there with there friends, its a little like what do women talk about when together, well ladies if your keen to know watch Hallpass which is in cinemas from today!

Below is 2 interviews one with Peter and Bobby Farrelly the other Owen Wilson with Jason Sudekis who play Rick & Fred who get the Hallpasses the foursome have a little chat about the movie , the crazy situations they found themselves in along with bodily functions!



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