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2 New Posters For Jesse Eisenberg’s HOLY ROLLER’S

I really do hate myself when I try to plan my day out as I can never keep it and today was one of those days but now finally im catching up on my emails and Crabtree Films have sent us 2 new posters for the UK release of Jesse Eisenberg’s HOLY ROLLERS which is out May 20th.

If your American you’ll be saying  didn’t that movie come out last year ? You’ll be right May 21st 2010 in USA plus it was a big hitter at that years Sundance fest too (if you think thats Bad The Messengers starring Woody Harrelson, Ben Foster came out Stateside November 2009 is to be released UK later this year cinematically!).

The movie stars also Justin Bartha (The Hangover, National Treasure) and also features Q-Tip,Jason Fuchs and Ari Graynor. The movie tells the tale of 2 hasidic Jews (Eisenberg & Bartha) who get recruited as drug mules between Europe and USA during the 1990’s. The Social Network is the proof of the pudding that Jesse Eisenberg is a very good actor and we loved him in Zombieland that proved his credentials are good in comedy too but the Social Network was the catyalst with his deserving reward for hard work been the Oscar Nominee.


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