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Disney Acquires Rights To THE RUNNER With Marc Forster In Mind To Direct

Walt Disney Pictures have aquired the rights to the sci-fi adventure THE RUNNER created by Dave Andron (Knight Rider Reboot) with Marc Forster (Qauntum Of Solace) directing with Brian Grazer and Ron Howard’s Imagine entertainment producing.

The Runner tells the story of a group of survivors in a post apocalptic 2027 who discover a way to send someone back in time to prevent a devasting attack. I wonder if theres a 6 foot plus Austrian in black leather gear pretending to be human when hes a cyborg ? sound familar anyone?

Deadline are reporting Disney want this project to be transmedia meaning it will be developed also for various multimedia platforms such as Television, video games, graphic novels, interactive media a product that will benefit all there media departments. They do aim for The Runner to have a similar promotion and concept as Tron:Legacy.

If Marc Forster does direct this movie he would prooduce the movie with long time producer buddie Brad Simpson.

Forster at this moment is in post production stage of Machine Gun Preacher the new Lionsgate movie starring Gerard Butler and Forster is also connected to adapted Max Brooks World War Z to the big screen for Paramount Pictures.



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