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Tom Cruise Confirmed For Del Toro’s Mountain Of Madness, Filming Date Set

It now looks like the Spanish director Guillermo Del Toro has got his wish today as Tom Cruise is confirmed in the cast of AT THE MOUNTAIN OF MADNESS adaptation. The news was confirmed by Don Murphy(Transformers) the movies producer when he had a chat with io9 and the same star James Cameron one of the movies producers also wanted for this movie version of the HP Lovecraft novel.

The book tells the story of an expedition to  Antartica when a group of explorers uncover some horror deep within the ice capped mountains. This projects has had as many false starts as The Hobbit and now its finally getting off the ground, a project which Del Toro has been dreaming to create for many years and with the movie to be made into 3D they do have the best man (Cameron) onboard to make sure the 3D filming is done to the right specs and not any of this post production 3d conversion crap.

With Tom Cruise now onboard Murphy also went onto annouce that the filming for the movie which is due to start in June.

Murphy did go onto say his script is faithfull to the original story maybe true to a certain extent as Del Toro has apparently created two new characters one which will be played by Ron Perlman (though his involvement may change due to Sons Of Anarchy scheduling) which is great as the characters are a little thin on the side compared to the intense story. One other possible problem is if Murphy’s is true in saying he’s been true to the books story he’ll have to get those new characters as there’s parts of the book have no dialogue especially ‘The Elder Things’ section along with certain parts of the story it could work impossible to re create in movie terms. Though they did say that to Peter Jackson with Lord Of The Rings and look at what he did in bringing a impossible book alive on the big screen.

In times that are hard financially you can see Universial Pictures worked incredibly well ,as this project needs a interntional star like Tom Cruise onboard to make sure the movie hits jackpot at the box office and of course to pay for the heavy laden CGI effects that will be used to making this movie.



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