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Kristen Stewart Is Confirmed To star in SNOW WHITE AND THE HUNTSMAN

2002 she came into the movie spotlight as the daughter of Jodie Foster in the thriller Panic Room few years later in The Messengers most recently she has been a rock godess playing Joan Jett in the Runaways. But its her role as Bella Swan in Twilight Saga movie franchise she will be more known for and now Kristen Stewart (or KStew) is confirmed to be Snow White in Snow White and The Huntsman.

The confirmation came out last night via twitter account the movies co-producer Palek Patel confirmed the news:

despite the tweets coming from the movies co-producer the tweets were quickly deleted but they were picked up by numerous fans who did the honours of re-tweeting.

Snow White and The Huntsman is an alternative version of the Snow White fairytale but with the huntsmen who were ordered to take Snow white into the woods and kill her but he lets her go and the pair escape in chains from the advancing bounty hunters. Through time Snow White becomes the huntsman’s protage and he learns her his skills of been a huntsman so she might her fighting kills against her evil stepmother Ravenna.

Sveral actors have been connected to the movie with Viggo Mortensen possibly up for playing the Huntsman with Charlize Theron to play Ravenna, its beleived the pair are in final negotiations to play the parts and if Mortensen especially signs the deal this could effect his chances of playing General Zod in Zack Snyder’s Superman reboot.

The movie is due to shoot on August 1st in various locations around London, Scotland and Germany so do expect more casting news very soon. Snow White And The Huntsman is the feature debut of Rupert Sanders who is making the transition from commericals director to film and his best known work has been for, Halo 3 and X-box.

Snow White And The Huntsman is due for a December 21st 2012 release date.



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