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IRONCLAD: James Purefoy Video Interview

Its been a busy weekend for movie releases in UK & Ireland and one of those movies thats came out is is the medieval drama IRONCLAD starring James Purefoy, Brian Cox, Jason Flemyng, Kate Mara, Paul Giamatti. with Jonathan English directing.

Our good friends at HeyUguys last week caught up with James Purefoy the movies lead star and had a little chat about the movie check it out below.

read our review of Ironclad HERE

Vodpod videos no longer available.


One thought on “IRONCLAD: James Purefoy Video Interview

  1. Ironclad is one of the most brutal in-your-face violent Brit-flicks (and not just British to be honest) I’ve ever seen.
    In fact it’s the violence itself that seems to be Ironclad’s selling point. It’s obviously all sold as “realism” but we all know that in this case it’s just another word for gratuitous and exploitive.
    And so as the handheld-shaky-cam swings about and the editing goes crazy hiding the pretty low-budget, limbs fly left, right and centre, hands get chopped off, people get literally sliced in two in the bloodiest and ruthless gore-fest you’ll ever seen.

    My full review here:

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