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James Franco And Cate Blanchett Pull Out Of Noah Baumbach’s WILL WE’RE YOUNG

Greenberg director Noah Baumbach’s next project WHILE WE’RE YOUNG is getting close to its mid-June filming start is now looking for 2 more cast members according to Just Jared. The reports are saying James Franco along with Cate Blanchett have pulled out of the movie  simply down to other commitments from both actors.

Franco will be filming OZ, THE GREAT AND POWERFUL which he’ll play the lead role in the spin-off movie to the classic Wizard Of Oz movie, as for Blanchett there’s no indication why she’s pulled out though looking at their schedules there is a possibility the filming of While We’re Young will be as it collides with the filming of The Hobbit which starts next month.As for Greta Gerwig it was a similar reason though it was more couldn’t commit to the schedule, Benn Stiller is still onboard but now he’ll have to wait to see who will now be playing his on screen wife.

While We’re Young Tells the story about a young free spirited New-Yorker twenty something couple who inspire a documentary filmmaker (Ben Stiller) and his wife to ‘loosen up’ with comical mishaps assured.

The director now has about 3 months to get the support cast along in place before filming starts though you wonder with so many high profile names pulling out of the movie could this do negative damage to the movies possible development?Could it scupper his chances altogether with Focus Features pulling out ?

If for any reason the movie does either get cancelled or delayed to another date Baumbach has a few projects to fill up those gaps. Emperor’s Children is a possible project with a producer’s role in Squirell To Nuts, Ben Stiller at this moment is filming Tower Heist with Eddie Murphy and Matthew Brodderick.



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