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First Look At Hugo Weaving as Red Skull in CAPTAIN AMERICA First Avenger

Check out this cool full image of Hugo Weaving as Johan Schmidt better known as RedSkull in Joe Johnston’s CAPTAIN AMERICA:FIRST AVENGER movie which will grace our screens on July 29th. We got our first glimpse of Red skull in the Superbowl tv spot but if you blinke you would have missed him but thanks to we get a full length look at the Captain America’s nemisis in his Hydra uniform!

I’ve never been a fan of the comicbook and maybe the distress and childhood knightmare of that forgotten movie version from the 1980’s/early 1990’s its put me off the character. But what we’ve seen so far looks impressive all we need now is that full length trailer!



One thought on “First Look At Hugo Weaving as Red Skull in CAPTAIN AMERICA First Avenger

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