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A Funny First Clip From LARRY CROWNE Starring Tom Hanks, Julia Roberts

It seems standard practice many of the movies stars who either attended the Oscars ceremony as guests or presenters appear on the Jimmy Kimmel Show live right after the oscars finish. It also seems that Jimmy Kimmel gets a exclusive like last year here presented the first trailer for Iron Man 2 but this year we have the first offical clip from LARRY CROWNE featuring Tom Hanks and Julia Roberts.

The movie  is actually directed by Hanks himself and in this clip we can see Julia Roberts driving in her car attempting to sing oprea to drown out the annoying gps in her car  and like the annoying person you try to avoidLarry ( Hanks )drives up next to her in his moped trying to get her attention and the good soul he is fixes her gps only to be greeted by the ‘blame the husband’ attitude. Hanks plays the movies protaginist a former sucessfull businessman  who looses his job thanks tohis former employers ‘downsizing’ and is forced back toschool where Roberts plays one of the teachers.

LARRY CROWNE also stars Taraji P. Henson, Bryan Cranston, Nia Vardalos, George Takei, Wilmer Valderrama, Pam Grier, Jon Seda, Ian Gomez and theres no release date yet for UK but the movie is released on July 1st in USA




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