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It’s Offical Justin Bieber is A Zombie.. Check out The New Creepy INSIDIOUS Poster

Its offical Girls! Justin Bieber is a zombie and the proof is below in this poster! arrgrggghhh!!! Only  joking girls! Serious this new creepy poster for James Wan’s INSIDIOUS looks a bit like the manufactured teenpop idol, as for the movie this does actually look really promising  like the old original Saw that people do like and with Paranormal Activity’s Oren Peli onboard do expect jumpy brown trouser moments.

As the movie tagline says “Its Not The House Thats Haunted, its….. Just Bieber!” only joking.

INSIDIOUS Patrik Wilson (Watchmen) Rose Byrne (X-men:first class), Barbara Hershey (Black Swan) and Ty Simpkins and what im reading is May 8th will be the UK release but thats not confirmed yet but for American fans its April 1st.

Watch Full Insidious Trailer



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