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UK Trailer For Anh Hung Tran’s NORWEGIAN WOOD

I dont usually do alot of World Cinema in The Peoples Movies simply beacause Cinehouse is there to provide that side of cinema but because of the literture value of this movie its been posted here too. On Saturday just past I had a fantastic day of watching 3 Japanese movies at The Glasgow Film Festival watching Confessions, Confessions of A Dog (whom I met the Director Gen Takashi) and NORWEGIAN WOOD.

The movie is based on the Haruki Murakami Novel of the same name which is a coming of age story of 2 friends toru and Naoko who are driven to a shared sense of loss the death of Kizuki Naoko’s soulmate. Its set in the 1960’s and follows there will they/wont they love relationship the scenery of the Japanese countryside and a haunting soundtrack by Jonny Greenwood of Radiohead fame.. Ive never read this book but have read Hard Boiled Wonderland and End of the world but my experience from this book it does seem the movie captures the essence of the storytelling of Murakami quite well, funny, tragic, emotive, dramatic, sexually active, a little bit like a roman tradgedy.

Soda Pictures are releasing the movie in the UK which will get a release on March 11th, check out the trailer below.



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