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Eclectic Electric All-Nighter: 100 Years of Electric Cinema

The Electric Cinema is the oldest cinema in London. On Saturday 26 February they are celebrating its 100th Birthday with a fantastic  Eclectic Electric All-Nighter.

They will kick off the whole night with a varied selection of film’s from the cinema’s 1970’s all guest curated by Peter Howden.
Screening at 11pm is Michael Powell’s masterpiece psychological terror Peeping Tom followed by Roger Corman’s The Trip, Kenneth Anger’s Scorpio Rising and finishing off with THX 1138, George Lucas’ first feature film now hailed as a classic science fiction film.

The screenings will be peppered in between with episodes of Batman & Robin from the original 1949 series in which the Dynamic Duo face off against a mysterious hooded villain. And, not least, the Breakfast Break, a bap of your choice, homemade chocolate brownies and tea or coffee, the bar stays open till late.

Tickets from £22.50. Email

Check out the official site for more info.


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