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‘Wicked’ Storyboards

Hot on the heels of the recent Superman animated short, produced by Robb Pratt, a Disney animator.

Heidi Jo Gilbert, another Disney animator, has released a self storyboarded scene from the Musical ‘Wicked’, along with an open letter to try to swing this to be an animated production.

Dear Stephen Schwartz,

I know you can relate to the plight of loving a story, loving a medium, and trying to convince someone in power to see your vision! You did it with Marc Platt when you convinced him to make it a stage musical. I’m just approaching you with the same sincerity. Is it possible to talk you out of doing a live action movie adaptation? Would you consider doing a traditionally animated adaptation? In my heart I think the musical needs the medium, and I think the medium needs your musical. I just love them both so much and hopefully that shows through in the story reel.

Heidi Jo Gilbert

The stage show has won multiple awards and is absolutely raking it in at box office. It is a matter of when for the film adapted version, who Universal currently own the rights to, with a mixed bag of directors such as J.J. Abrams & Ryan Murphy (Creator of Glee) showing interest.


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