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Watch This: The Incredible ‘Dead Island’ Video Game Trailer

When it comes to video games Im pretty useless unless its Fifa Soccer which I must say not bad at it. People ask me why dont you do video games, simple reason I would love to but I only have a laptop and a psp and wouldn’t know where to start and today was pretty hetic in many ways and before I had to go out I found this trailer. DEAD ISLAND could change peoples views on games as this trailer left me gobsmacked.

This trailer plays more like a short film and its stunning very heartbreaking as well and I would not at all be surprised if this ends up a movie one day, its sublime. This trailer gives a different perspective to zombie gmaes and to that matter zombie movies! I dont think it protrays the gameplay but its a beautiful piece of animation which can be enjoyed by all.

Watch it tells what you think.

source IGN Youtube


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