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Must Watch The Creepy Full Length Trailer For James Wan’s INSIDIOUS

After last month’s Teaser Film District Have now released a full length trailer For James Wan’s (creator of Saw) INSIDIOUS. The scary horror thriller stars Patrik Wilson (Watchmen) Rose Byrne (X-men:first class), Barbara Hershey (Black Swan) and Ty Simpkins with Paranormal Activity’s Oren Peli producing with Saw writer Leigh Whannell (original Saw writer) scripting.

Until today I didnt know Peli was producing and now I know this has given this movie an even creepier edge,it looks like its been inspired by the best bits from Exorcist, Poltergiest and even bits of evil dead, looks genuinely scary and something to look forward to.Wilson and Byrne play the parents of several children and one of their children is comotised but to there terror they find out that the boy maybe a magnet to malevolent forces while his consciousness lies trapped in the dark and insidious realm known as “The Further.”

“It’s not your house that’s haunted… it’s your son!”

The movie has already premiered at Toronto Film Festival and so far the feedback has been good. So whens it out? Sadly we dont have a uk release date yet but the movie will be released in USA on April 1st, fingers crossed it wont be longer after that!

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