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Guy Ritchie To Direct 300 Prequel XERXES ? Sherlock Holmes 2 Gets Title

Never eat CornFlakes at night whilst looking at the net , you’ll never know what you’ll read or see on it! This piece of meaty gossip was nearly my curtain call but Vulture have said Warner Bros have offered Guy Ritchie the opportunity to direct the 300 sequel/prequel XERXES!

XERXES is actuallt based on a graphic novel like 300 both created by Frank Miller who was also responible for THE DARK NIGHT comic books/graphic novels of the 1980’s. Zack Snyder had already been developing the story from book to screen writing his own script with the intentions of directing but things have changed.

There is several conflicting stories or theories why Ritchie has been offered the movie. The Superman movie is the main reason why he may not be involved in Xerxes as the script for the Superman movies is struggling with the final third of the movie and with legal isses at hand here Warner Bros are desperete to get filming under way before 2013 or the rights will go back to the DC Comic original creators Jerry Siegel and Joe Shuster.

Another possible reason could be to do with the under performing of Watchmen and Legend Of The Guardians: Owls Of Ga’hoole at the box office and Warner Bros are to happy with there prize asset so Ritchie could be in line here. Its fantastic news to see that the movie looks likely to be kicking off but can you really see Ritchie direct Xerxes? Zack Snyder did a fantastic job on the film and his visual style made it even more interesting but would Guy Ritchie adopt the same style and if he did would it have the same effect or would adopt his own style?

Staying with Guy Ritchie who iscurrently still working on Shelrock Holmes 2 well it seems the movie has finally been given a title and E! Online report the sequel will be called SHELOCK HOLMES :A GAME OF SHADOWS. I was never really a massive fan of the first movie and even with the new name it still doesnt change a thing. Sherlock Holmes character has always been a mystery thriller/drama but Guy Ritchie seems to have went for a action movie type which was okay but it spoiled my enjoyment of the movie, though a movie with Noomi Rapace should be interesting to watch!

source Vulture & E! Online


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