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When it comes to looking for a director for a vampire flick David Slade seems to be a popular choice with the underated 30 Days of Nights and Twilight Saga:Eclipse. Now it seems the British director is about to add another vampire movie to his cv in the form of the period vampire story The Last Voyage of The Dementer, which is based on part of Bram Stroker’s Dracula.

The story of The Dementer takes in voyage which takes the mythical vampire from Transylvania to shores of England. This part of the story is regarded as one of the more scarier parts and many sites are calling this movie the ‘Alien’  of the seas as the ships crew is tormented by Dracula, its a part of the book that many Dracula adaptations/spin off have constantly left out there movies.

No lead has been chosen yet however Ben Kingsley and Noomi Rapace are already attached to play in the supporting role. Bagri Schut according to Heat Vision apparently wrote a script for the movie nearly 10 years ago which is actually unsual for some movies, Black Swan actually nearly took as long to write, do expect rewrites.Ignoring Twilight Eclipse if Slade is chosen to direct if the film studio let him keep to the horror and spin off into some other genre we can expect a very exciting movie to look forward too. Its also fantastic that a studio is trying there best to do something different in already crowded genre and please dont go over commerical as the twilight dross.

source Heat Vision



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