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Meet Your New Jack The GiantKiller…Nicholas Hoult

Yesterday it was announced that Stanley Tucci and Bill Nighy have joined the cast of the JACK THE GIANT KILLER. Tucci will play the villian of the movie Rodderick with Nighy to play one of the two heads of the giants leader. Things have now got alot interesting today as Bryan Singer chose his Jack and he has chosen Nicholas Hoult.

Deadline broke the news today that the young British Actor who shot to fame in About A Boy with Hugh Grant before making a name for himself in UK with the hit Channel 4 series SKINS which now has an American version. As for making a bigger name for himself it was in 2009 starring in A SINGLE MAN with Colin Firth which showed the young actor is developing with great maturity very gracefully and more recently he did appear in Clash Of The Titans  and has a role role in George Miller’s MAD MAX: FURY ROAD too. But we will see Hoult on the screens this June playing Hank McCoy aka The Beast in X-MEN:FIRST CLASS(watch the new trailer here) and it was here the actor came under the radar of Bryan Singer who is one of the producers.

Jack The Giant Killer is loosely based on the Jack and The Beanstalk fable which tells a story of acient Britian in a time when humans & giants lived side by side with the treaty between the two on the verge of been destroyed when the princess is kidnapped. Jack is a average farmer who heads a rescue to get the princess from the giants. The original movie came out in 1962 when starred Nathan Juran and the monster wehere provided by the magic of Ray HarryHausen.

I have to admit I am now looking forward to this one,another cheesy retelling of a fairytale! Nicholas Hoult is an talented actor been fortunate to have watch hi tv career and its fantastic he is getting the break in Hollywood and The X-men:first class and the next few movies will take his career to the next level. Jack THE GIANT KILLER is due for a 2012 release and will be based on a script written by Christopher McQuarrie and with 3 character now filled do expect several more to follow suit in the coming months.



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