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Twilight Scribe To Write HIGHLANDER Remake! (Oh Shit!)

“THERE CAN BE ONLY ONE!” that was the slogan of the fantasy cult movie HIGHLANDER and last year when news broke that the movie could be in line for a remake, Im on the fence with been remade but what ive heard today Im like the movie’s Slogan ‘There Can Be only One! that’s Highlander Movie!

Well bad news first it Looks like the remake is going ahead and new the REALLY BAD NEWS (yes things get worse!) Twilight writer Melissa Rosenberg has been hired to write the movies script! It seems Rosenberg cant get enough of immortal beings as she moves from vampires over to Scottish Highlander’s played by a Frenchman!

Neal Moritz is down to produce the new version with Justin Lin (Fast Five) down to direct (only 75% confirmed) with Iron Man screenwriters Art Marcum and Matt Holloway down to write the movies script. However last night THRbroke the news that negotiations with Summit Entertainment and Rosenberg though no one knows exactly if Summit are unhappy with the script from Marcum & Holloway and want Rosenberg to tweek/re-write or they plan to use a completely new script.

Anyone who has no idea what the Original film was, well it was a cult classic which you should raid your daddy’s dvd collection or buy it. The story revolved around a Scottish Highlander swordsman who discovers he is part of a race of warriors who are immortal and he faces off against each other through centuries and he comes up against an ultimate barbarian whose quest is to be the only one of there kind and gain the power from each warrior butting taking their heads off! Christopher Lambert a Frenchman played Conor McLeod the Highlander with Sean Connery playing Ramirez a Spanish Eygptian (Connery is Scottish!) with Clancy Brown Kurgan the Barbarian.

I’m sure there will be many Highlander fans worldwide probably feeling uneasy now about the prospect of there cult movie been ressurected and with the movie written by the person who scripted Twilight. Im sure the fears will be higher if the studio go for a targeted fanbase the same as Twilight alienating the true Highlander fans for the sake of getting more cash rather than creating a qaulity movie. Also if they take that route could this mean people like Robert Pattison, Taylor Lautner, Kristen Stewart with Billy Burke as Ramirez?  Im up for better sequels as they were just plain crap but If Melisaa Rosenberg does write the script here’s hoping she doesnt loose her head and do decent script.

source THR



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