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Watch 3 New TV Spots For RED RIDING HOOD

Warner Bros Have revealed online 3 new TV Spots for Chatherine Hardwicke’s RED RIDING HOOD. The movie is a modern but still ‘period’ telling of the classic Little Red Riding Hood fable which stars Amanda Seyfried, Gary Oldman, Luke Haas, Shiloh Fernandez, VirginIa Madsen, Max Irons, and  Billy Burke.

its blatently obivious that Harwicke is trying to tap into the Twilight fan base with this movie and if the acting is as cardboard and one dimensional as Twilight Saga, it could be a fatal mistake for Warner Bros by limiting the film fanbase for the movie and people who dont like Twilight will automatically critise this when it comes out.

There’s also another story on the internet about Catherine Harwicke who has accused The producers of THE FIGHTER of been sexist. She mentioned the  The Wrap last week that shes had problems trying to direct certain films  and her anguish of trying to get onto the Fighter.

“I couldn’t get an interview even though my last movie made $400 million,” she claims. “I was told it had to be directed by a man — am I crazy? It’s about action, it’s about boxing, so a man has to direct it … But they’ll let a man direct ‘Sex in the City’ or any girly movie you’ve ever heard of.”

In todays society its sad that sexism & racism are still very opened in certain industries. Yes she mad $400million on a movie worldwide but look at the movie you done it with? Twilight yes it might bring in the pennies but its a mediocre franchiseloved by the books fanbase, so in The Fighters Sake its qaulity before qaunity. As for why David O Russell’s getting the directors chair is all down to Mark Whalbergs persistance in getting Russell as they both worked together on I Heart Huckabees, Three Kings and his work on HBO’s Entourage.

RED RIDING HOOD will be out in UK & Ireland on April 15th.

source Themoviebox / HuffingtonPost


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