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This Sunday sees the Superbowl XLV kick off in Dallas, Texas USA and already several movies have released online there tv spots to be played before/during and after the television coverage in USA and one movie will premiere its first trailer, CAPTAIN AMERICA:FIRST AVENGER.

Along with the trailer there will be a digital comic been released but Im sure some naughty person will leak everything online just before then .For now Marvel Entertainment has offically released the movies first poster which looks good and espically good that no film title has been added just the word ‘Avenge’. Im sure the comicboy /girls out in movieland will have an idea what avenge means but ask a someone who hasn’t even got a clue who the character is will probably be clueless.

Roll on the Captain America Marketing train! Captain America:First Avenger will be out in UK on July 29th one week after its American release.




One thought on “The First Offical CAPTAIN AMERICA:FIRST AVENGER Poster

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