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2 New TV Spots From TAKE ME HOME TONIGHT Make You glad your not in the 1980’s no more!

For Years I always hated the 1980’s simply because it was my school days but as I got into my mid late twenties now mid thirties I do appreciate how good the decade was. Now we have TAKE ME HOME TONIGHT which to me is trying to make Ferris Buller’s Day Off crossed with Weekend at Bernies 2 movies that Im not big fans off but I do appreciate they are cult movies but trying to recreate those movie 25 plus years later is a no!no!Take Me Home tonight stars Anna Farris & Topher Grace as twins during the end of summer of 1988 on the verge of adulthood have a uncontrolable party that changes them and there friends lives forever.

I’ve not heard alot about this movie we still dont know if its been released in UK, from the evidence Im not surprised. Apart from the excellent soundtrack nothing more positive I can say about this apart from its out in USA March 4th , also stars Dan Fogler and Teresa Palmer.

Check out these 2 exclusive tv spots from Traileraddict & Movieweb.

Vodpod videos no longer available. Vodpod videos no longer available.


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