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Watch The Video Montage of Sofia Coppola’s Films

I remember back in 2004 when Sofia Coppola’s Lost In Translation came out my work collegues kept trying to put me off goingto see the movie simply because they regarded the movie as boring.Typically I got no response to the reasons why I shouldnt go, and to my surprise none of my work friends actually saw the movie just judged it on the trailer and Im glad I went know(also the movie became my first ever DVD too). Sofia Coppola’s movies have that realism touch to them, you never feel that the characters in her movies are fictional and what they experience could happen to any of us, beautifully shot amd made  with great music too.

Below is a montage of Sofia Coppola’s films created by Kees van Dijkhuizen and this film is the first of 12 other films visualising other great filmmakers, one new montage per month, hopefully we can get hold of them and show them here.

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