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Watch The MECHANIC Video Interviews with Jason Statham & Ben Foster

today nationwide THE MECHANIC the remake of the 1972 Charles Bronson movie of the same name. The 2011 version stars Jason Statham as arthur a mechanic or elite assassin who is the best in the business working under his mentor Harry (Donald Sutherland) who gets murdered. Attached from the world Arthur’s next job is to find who killed Harry and take them out but things get harder as Harry’s son Steve(Ben Foster) wants to get revenge too. Taking Steve under his wing Arthur learns his new student all the skills required to be a mechanic himself but deceptions look to raise there ugly head causing problems for all.The movie does look a entertaining no-brainer action flick nothing special but enough to keep you entertained throughout.

Movieweb caught up with Jason Statham and Ben Foster recently having a chat about the movie and check out the interview below…

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Vodpod videos no longer available.



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