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“Its The Dark Old Days Again” – A Serbian Film Seized in Police Raid

Lets have a look back in time to the 1980’s when Conservatives where in power and Britian was ruled by a tyrant (dictator) Magaret Thatcher, the rich got richer poor got poorer  and those movies and even tv shows youwanted to watch were severly censored? Well 20 plus years on the Tories are back in power and the threat of movies been censored severly and now seized as Police seize A SERBIAN FILM from the shelves of a blockbuster in Northampton.

According to a post that Dog Ate My Wookie posted online a Northampton branch was subjected to a police raid on Friday 21st January after a member of the public who rented the movie complained about the apparent scenes of child abuse to there local Police who then conducted the raid. The post also states Blockbuster’s legal team have removed the film from the companies catalogue until further notice, neither Blockbuster or Revolver Entertainment released any offical comment of the whole matter however Northampton Police released this statement:

“We received information from a member of the public that a copy of The Serbian Film at a branch of Blockbusters in Northampton contained images of child abuse.

We have a duty to investigate such claims and in agreement with the manager of the shop took a copy away to view and check that it was the edition that has been approved by the British Board of Film Classification for distribution.

It has been established as a legitimate copy of the film that has been approved for distribution by the BBFC and so is being returned to the shop.”

Obiviously the police officers in question  did not read the BBFC ratings which clearly splashed over this already controversial movie which has already been severly cut and actually realise the legality of the version of the movie. The police are constantly reminding the public not to waste there time and if they actually took a minute to think, would a worldwide franchise such as Blockbusters actually stock a movie that has Child abuse in it? Just as well the ‘distressed’ viewer didnt get a copy of the uncut version!

Local council/governments are trying to ban this movie but what there actually doing are actually giving the movie more press time and the more censorship a movie gets especially in the horror/thriller/fantasy genres the more determined fans of the genres will be to see the movie. Its time these right wing politicans get off there  religious/political moral high horses and let the people decide for themselves, as they like to remind us constantly we live in a democracy let the people make that decision. If a movie is so disturbing let the people say it is, so is this return of the video nasties mark 2?!


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