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A New Battle:LA Poster Has Appeared

Acouple of month ago when I posted a trailer for Battle:LA I posted the trailer for BATTLE:LA I received a few emails from readers telling me I’ve got the wrong movie even after letting them know both names are correct they still said it was wrong. But today a new poster has arrived and guess what? Its now calling the movie WORLD INVASION: BATTLE LOS ANGELES!!! As it now seems The original title was only a working title which was going to become the main title but there is a low budget movie alread made called Battle Los Angeles Columbia Pictures  have now changed it to the alternate name. Looking at the design which shows rush hour traffic coming into Los Angeles with fireballs of smoke pelting over the traffic, the poster does look a tad boring but also a little sinister on whats actually happening.

Easter time is looking good as Suckerpunch and now World Invasion:Battle Los Angeles two movies to look forward too before the summer blockbusters hit our screens, out March 25th (USA March 11th).


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