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A New International Poster For NEVER LET ME GO

When the first trailer appeared late summer just before Toronto/London Film festival my antcipation for this beautiful looking movie was so high then the movie release got changed to January and now February 11th about 3 weeks away I completely forgot about this movie. Thankfully my eagerness to see this movie has been re vitalised recently from the marketing for this movie which is just stunning and Impawards have posted online a new international poster for the NEVER LET ME GO which you can check out down below.

The poster looks to be for Japan the birthplace of the movies author Kazuo Ishiguro and it keeps to the same high standard as all previous marketing and you do get a sense of control like in a dystopian setting with whole look giving this a dark undertone which will probably stir up a few emotions. Mark Romanek I beleive was right to walk from The Wolfman it would have been a disaterous move and taking a more independent route in film making you seem to get the best out of him which looking at what we’ve seen  as well as reading other reviews he gets the essence of Ishiguro story perfectly, he does however have Alex Garland scripting for him too!

Never Let Me Go will be out in UK &Ireland From February 11th


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