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Watch The TRUE GRIT Production Design Featurette

February 14th The Coen Brothers much antcipated TRUE GRIT remake will finally hit the shores of UK & Ireland. The movie will see Jeff Bridges play the role made famous by the legedary John Wayne Rooster Cogburn with Hailee Stansfield as the 14 year old girl gets cogburn to help her trackdown her fathers killer, Matt Damon play LaBeouf with Josh Brolin as Tom Chaney who they are hunting .

Our Friends at HeyUguys found this excellent little featurette that has a inside look into the production design. I know this mauy sound a little bit boring its far from it as when you create a movie which is set in a certain time and even different century the tasks set for the designers to create a set that looks very authentic for that period can be very challenging. Below in the video we here the production team create a little texan town become a post civil war town and Jess Gonchor the head designer guides us through the production.

Vodpod videos no longer available.


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