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GFF 2011: Frightfest @ Glasgow Film Festival

On Wednesday night just past I was on my way to the Press Launch of Glasgow Film Festival I was wondering on my mind what movies can I expect this year? My mind wondered that far I nearly missed the email I received via my Android phone about some of the goodies which I was going to enjoy at the Festival. Before I even stepped one foot into the Glasgow Film Theatre my excitement for the festival was at bursting level as the email was from the Frighfest boys telling what to expect at the annual visit to its second home in Glasgow for the weekender .

As usual the Frightfest team dont disappoint with a packed weekend which includes pyschotic killer tyres, homeless guys with guns, serial sex killer to monsters right upto  a Korean Masterpiece making up  one world, one European and five UK premieres and who can complain about that boy and girls? February 25 & 26th is not to be missed!

The highlight of the weekend is the Scottish Premiere of the South Korean masterpiece from Ji-woon Kim, I SAW THE DEVIL a dark disturbing thriller about a serial killer in the vein of Se7en, Silence of The Lambs starring OLDBOY’s Min-Sik Choy, whats so good is the full uncut version will be played and not even Korea have seen this uncut.

Ending the first night will be MACHETE MAIDENS UNLEASHED! A unmissable documentary that looks at the overlooked sex & violence genres from the Philippines in the 1970’s & 1980’sfrom the Not Quite Hollywood Team.

What was so ironic about that day on my other blog Cinehouse I posted a trailer for a indie comedy horror called RUBBER from the mind of Quentin Dupieux wondering if the movie would ever be shown in UK not realising the movie would be part of the Festival! The movie tells the tale of a abandoned tyre who gains pyschotic powers and kills cops and attack strangers in showers!!

If you loved  Frontiers you’ll want to check out this out, TERRITORIES comesfrom the producer of French zombie flick La Horde brings you a dark shockfest of a movie that’ll make you act nicely when your stopped by the traffic police as you’ll not know what’ll happen if you dont! Rebbeca De Morany remember her? She’ll be the hand that rocks the cradle again in the remake of the classic Charles Kaufmann 1980 grindhouse classic MOTHER’S DAY,  a UK Premiere!

Just before Mother’s Day we have the UK Premiere of  THE SHRINE from the makers of Jack Brooks: Monster Hunter with a European style horror starring last years Frightfest hit Frozen, Aaron Ashmore and if your thinking of a career as a journalist maybe you should think twice on what you are investigating on as it might cost you, your life!!!

Opening the weekend is the world premiere of the UK horror Anthology LITTLE DEATHS a mixture of sex, horror and death from 3 of Uk’s upcoming horror talents Sean Hogan, Simon Rumley and Andrew Parkinson who’ll all be in attendance. The movie which will close the weekender will fresh from Sundance Film Festival where itll make its world premiere before heading over the atlantic to Scotland for its European premiere HOBO WITH A SHOTGUN starring Rutger Hauer, which will be another bloody explosion and homage to the Grindhouse horror genre.

As usual tickets will be sell up fast, so get your skates on if you want to enjoy this horror fest and where can you get them?

Go to The Glasgow Film Festival Website where you can buy the passes for £48 or £7.50 a ticket – website here

There will be a whole host of specials guests, surprises and give aways, so dont delay book today!

Here’s more details on the movies….

PRESS RELEASE: UK – FrightFest line-up for Glasgow FF 2011 announced

With one world, one European and five UK premieres, the UK’s biggest horror fantasy festival returns to its second home at the Glasgow Film Festival for the 6th year with their darkest, deranged and daring line-up ever.

Expect the totally unexpected with this eclectic programme featuring a trilogy of sexual terror, uncut Korean serial killers, psychotic tyres, Polish demons, maniacal matriarchs, crazed war veterans and a terrific schlock doc.

With guest directors and filmmakers from all over world (to be announced soon), surprises on screen and off, and our unique community feeling, FrightFest at the GFF has now become a must-attend occasion on the horror fantasy fan’s calendar.

The full line-up


6.30pm. LITTLE DEATHS (World Premiere)

One killer anthology from the UK’s most promising horror filmmakers, Andrew Parkinson (I, ZOMBIE), Simon Rumley (RED, WHITE & BLUE), and Sean Hogan (ISLE OF DOGS), composed of three disturbingly sensual and terrifying tales unified by the twin themes of sex and death. In Sean Hogan’s ‘House and Home’, a couple pose as concerned religious do-gooders to lure homeless girls back to their home for perverted sex games. But then they choose the wrong victim… In Simon Rumley’s ‘Bitch’, Claire and Pete derive strange sexual pleasure from an unspoken sadomasochistic role-playing game. But then Claire goes one step too far…In Andrew Parkinson’s ‘Mutant Tool’, a former prostitute and recovering drug addict undergoes therapy. But her shady therapist is involved with a bizarre black market narcotics trade, in which semen from human mutations created during WWII Nazi experiments is harvested and processed for its psychic effects on the human brain.

90 mins  Directors: Sean Hogan, Simon Rumley, Andrew Parkinson   UK 2011

Amy Joyce Hastings – Lucy
Luke de Lacey – Richard
Kate Braithwaite – Claire
Tom Sawyer – Pete
Jodie Jameson – Jen

9.00pm. I SAW THE DEVIL (Scottish Premiere)

Dark, disturbing, and exceedingly graphic, Kim Ji-woon’s hypnotic serial killer thriller is the best since THE SILENCE OF THE LAMBS and SE7EN. The fiancée of a secret service agent, (Byung-Hyun Lee), is savagely murdered by a vicious psychopath, (OLDBOY’s Min-Sik Choy).  But once he’s tracked the killer down, he’s not content with exacting a simple revenge…FrightFest will be showing the fully uncut version of Ji-woon’s epic and ambiguous masterpiece.

144 mins   Director: Kim Ji-woon   South Korea – 2010

Byung-Hyun Lee – Joo-yeon
Min-Sik Choy – Kyun Chul


The overlooked world of Filipino genre movies of the 70s & 80s gets the terrific Mark (NOT QUITE HOLLYWOOD) Hartley treatment in the ultimate insiders’ account of drive-in filler from Manila. All the key players are interviewed from producer Roger Corman, directors Eddie Romero, Steve Carver and Jack Hill and stars Pam Grier, Celeste Yarnall, Colleen Camp and Dick Miller. Wry comments come from John Landis and Joe Dante as fabulous clips from MAD DOCTOR OF BLOOD ISLAND, THE TWILIGHT PEOPLE, BIG DOLL HOUSE and much, much more turn the jaw-dropping spotlight on the ultimate no-budget B movie feast from the far, far east.

90 mins   Director: Mark Hartley   Australia – 2010

Roger Corman – Himself
Joe Dante – Himself
John Landis – Himself
Pam Grier – Herself
Eddie Romero – Himself


2.00pm  RUBBER (UK Premiere)

Move over Jason, Freddy and Michael Myers. There’s a new killer on the stalk-and-slash block – Robert the psychic tyre! Born from the desert sand, this rubber circle of pent up fury is out to telekinetically destroy everything and everyone in his way. Meanwhile, who are that crowd of tourists watching the gory mayhem through binoculars and commenting on the action? It’s wacky, wild, funny, bloody, absurd and weird, welcome to THE cult fantasy of 2011.

89 mins   Director: Quentin Dupieux   France 2010

Thomas F. Duffy – Deputy Xavier
Roxane Mesquida -Sheila
Stephen Spinella – Chad
Wings Hauser – Man in Wheelchair
Daniel Quinn – Dad


4.00pm  TERRITORIES (UK Premiere)

From Raphael Rocher, producer of THE HORDE, come the new FRONTIERS in terror. Five friends driving home from a wedding are stopped by the Border Police. The suspicious officers check their IDs and their questioning slowly intensifies. But they’ve done nothing wrong… As the situation turns crudely intrusive, viciously nasty and then spirals completely out of control, the group is formally arrested and sent to a ‘special’ prison camp in the heart of the forest. It’s then the kidnap victims realise the gravity of their situation…A controversial backwoods survival horror in which director Olivier Abbou pulls no political punches or contemporary detainment allegories.

110 mins   Director: Olivier Abbou   France/Canada 2011

Roc LaFortune – Samuel Torrence
Sean Devine – Walter Sotos
Nicole Leroux – Leslie
Cristina Rosato – Michelle
Michael Mando – Jalil

7.00pm  THE SHRINE (UK Premiere)

From the creative team behind the 2008 FrightFest favourite JACK BROOKS: MONSTER SLAYER comes one of the most unusual and scariest horrors of the year. After an American backpacker goes missing in Europe a trio of journalists link his disappearance to Alvaina, a remote village in Poland. But when they arrive to unravel the mystery they uncover a hostile community and an ancient cult who must indulge in ritualistic sacrifice to hide even darker secrets…. Shock-full of supernatural twists and horrifying turns, director Jon Knautz brings stark-staring fear back to the genre in his knowing homage to such classic underground gems as LET’S SCARE JESSICA TO DEATH and MESSIAH OF EVIL.

85 mins   Director: Jon Knautz    Canada 2010

Aaron Ashmore – Marcus
Cindy Sampson – Carmen
Meghan Heffern – Sara
Trevor Matthews – Henryk
Vieslav Krystyan – Arkadiusz


.00pm  MOTHER’S DAY (UK Premiere)

Hot on the heels of the I SPIT ON YOUR GRAVE remake comes the next timely and terrifying reimagining of a classic grindhouse title. Fleeing a botched bank robbery three distressed and injured brothers head for home. Except they’ve forgotten their mother’s home was recently snapped up in a recent foreclosure by a yuppie couple now celebrating their housewarming. Taking the partygoers hostage in the basement the brothers begin their casual humiliation and torture until mama (played by Rebecca De Mornay) arrives. Only then do the guests realise she’s the family’s most dangerous member. THE HAND THAT ROCKS THE CRADLE star delights and intimidates in a delicious performance of wicked bloodlust and wanton cruelty.

106 mins   Director: Darren Lynn Bousman    USA 2010

Rebecca De Mornay – Mother
Jaime King – Beth
Shawn Ashmore – George
Deborah Ann Woll – Lydia
Patrick Flueger – Ike

11.15pm  HOBO WITH A SHOTGUN (European Premiere)

Get ready to be blown away by pistol-packing Rutger Hauer as the HOBO WITH A SHOTGUN determined to clean the mean streets of trash – with a flash. Filmmaker Jason Eisener won the SxSW Festival’s GRINDHOUSE competition with the original HOBO fake trailer. His prize was its inclusion in the Canadian prints of the Quentin Tarantino/Robert Rodriguez exploitation extravaganza. Now the director of the stupendous short TREEVENGE has gone the MACHETE route and turned it into a roaring rampage of riotous revenge as vigilante homeless man Hauer pulls into a new city and finds himself trapped in a mire of criminal chaos.

90 mins   Director: Jason Eisener   Canada/USA 2011

Rutger Hauer – Hobo
Gregory Smith – Slick
Brian Downey – Drake
Nick Bateman – Ivan
Molly Dunsworth – Abby

For full programme & timetable log onto


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