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Ben Affleck wanting to direct some “AMERICAN BULLSHIT”?

The Town proved Ben Affleck is one of Hollywoods hottest best directors on the circuit at the moment after several years in the doldrums in acting choices, it seems he has found his feet. Its a little like many of the great football managers Jock Stein, Alex Ferguson, Arsene Wenger, Brian Clough, Bill Shankly werent the best players in the world but manangerial terms fantastic football brains. After his success with Gone Baby Gone and The Town its seems Affleck has got his third movie in sight and is looking at directing American Bullshit.

According to Deadline American Bullshit is a script written by The International scriber Eric Warren Singer which made its way onto Hollywoods 2010 Blacklist, a list of movies which have been left in development hell, unproduced and at the time Sony Pictures did optioned  the rights. Well its seems the days in unproduced hell maybe over.

“American Bullshit is the true story of Abscam, the FBI’s 1980 undercover sting operation of Congress to root out corruption which was the brainchild of the world’s greatest con man.”

If Project gets the green light Sony Pictures Entertainment  will distribute the movie with Charles Roven and Richard Suckle producing.But like any hot prospect in filmmaking or even acting there is plently of other options for Affleck to mull over with The Trade a 1970’s based wife swap  movie about American Baseball players (New York Yankees) Fritz Peterson and Mike Kekich. There is also Reply a movie about a 40 something man who dies and wakes up in a 18 year old’sbody a movie he may also star in to, The trade would also have Affleck play one of the players with his longtime buddy Matt Damon playing the other player with possible directoral debut on the cards for Damon too!

source Deadline


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