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127 HOURS – Video Interview With Danny Boyle &James Franco

This weekend finally saw the release of Danny Boyle’s Slumdog Millionaire follow up 127 Hours the movie based on Aron Ralston a adventureous rock climber who slipped into a boulder and his arm pinned against a wall of the boulder, its a movie of determination, courage and survival when times are grey. Since its debut back late summer 127 Hours has been getting great reviews (as well as a few alledged few people taken ill due to the movie) making this movie one of the hot movies to check out in 2011 and why the movie is one of the big favourite to win the Oscars.

Our good friends at Collider caught up with oscar winning Danny Boyle along with James Franco who plays Aron Ralston and had a chat about the movie, the audience member falling ill due to the movie and the pairs intial meetings.So have you seen 127 Hours Yet? If yes what do you think about it? If you havent seen it do you intend to watch the movie?

Vodpod videos no longer available.

source Collider


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