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Will Pixar’s MONSTERS INC 2 Be A Prequel?

It was fantastic news last April that finally a second movie for the ever popular Pixar animation Monsters Inc was on the way for 2012, but since that annoucement there has been nothing on what the story for the movie maybe about. When we left Monsterpolis back 10 years ago it was left with no power at all so it seems it would be an ideal place to start off movie 2? Well according to Disney Plaza Central via ThePlaylist that story may not be happening. According to the French website it seems that a Prequel is on the cards which will follow the university of fear days of James P. “Sulley” Sullivan (John Goodman) and Mike Wazowski (Billy Crystal) which saw both Monsters first as enemies before coming friends.

The whole point of the Monsters Inc was the monsters have to be scary to do there jobs but as we’ll be diving into there younger uni days the pair wouldn’t actually be scary at all bring a good concept to the movie.  Dutch blog Animatie did a bit of research and they believe the story comes from a 2011 – 2012 catalogue designed to give cinemas an insight of up and coming movies in those years from Walt Disney.

As theres been simply no news apart from there will be a second movie and the release will be November 16th,2012 I would file this story under rumour for the meantime. Pixar are notorious for changing, altering, rewriting projects so many times during the development stages its certain this story maybe scraped or changed so many times. This sounds a great idea I wonder if they do it they may have  the movie starting in current time which shows us what happened to Monsterpolis before the pair looking back to the first days of there university? This summer Cars 2 will be out so dont be surprised by then we may know whats going on or possibly a teaser????!!

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