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Watch This Brilliant BEAUTY OF PIXAR Video

There’s been a host of compilation videos marking the roundup of 2010 recently but one has popped up today and its brilliant! Its not reviewing the year but a magical look at the fantastic journey of Pixar Studios to many the greatest ever animation studio. This stunning little filmograpghy of the studios films is called ‘ Beauty of Pixar’ highlighting the 15 years or so the studio has graced us with some of if not best animations and to this day still going really strong. The video has been created by Leandro Copperfield, who spent 11 days of his life watching all the studios movies had picking 500 scenes and a friend of mines always says cartoons are for kids only and if adults love them theres something seriously wrong, think not watch this little video and you’ll appreciate these movies are for adults too. The choice of music are excellent and if you where the boss of Pixar and the studios life was at stake this video would make sure those days would never happen.

Enjoy and leave your comments below.

Vodpod videos no longer available.



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