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BellyFlop The Invading Armada Jackie Boy! 2 new Clips From GULLIVERS TRAVELS

Been a few extra pounds on the side doesn’t do anyone any confidence I should know but as a person used to say to me we’re all built in a certain way for a reason and in GULLIVER’S TRAVELS maybe we can say the same about Jack Blacks character. Universal Pictures have sent me  2 new clips from Jack Blacks movie the modern retake on the classic family adventure which sees Black as Lemuel Gulliver a travel journalist who is sent a mission to the Bermuda  only end up washed ashore the island of Liliput where he is a giant to the islands citizens.

In the first clip below is called “Foosball” where Lemuel creates a Fusball style game with the citizens and in the second clip “Armada” Liliput is under attack from a armada Plufusions  and Lemuel goes to the rescue of hosts. Gullivers Travels will be out on December 26th and co -stars Emily Blunt, Jason Segal, Billy Connolly, Catherine Tate, Chris O’Dowd, TJ Miller, Chris Corden and Amanda Peet.


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