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Grab Your Skis or Board Its Time For CHALET GIRL Trailer

It hasnt been a happy time for all with the snow Okay Boys and girls I know in the UK past few days (and week before) so why not get rid of those winter blues by grabbing your skis or board and head in to the snow with CHALET GIRL.

Momentum Pictures have released the offical trailer for the British comedy which will hit the cinematic slopes on February 18th starring Felicity Jones ,Tamsin Egerton, Ed Westwick, Sophia Bush, Brooke Shields Bill Nighy and Bill Bailey.

As Britian declines more into a class (war) society by letting the conservatives back into political power, Chalet Girl is an comedy romance which has class divisions (middle/upper class to working class) of girl meets boy, a girl the ugly duckling about a girl who becomes a chalet girl in the Alps.

For several years I worked as a holiday rep in spain,greece, turkey and Italy during the summer and the winter time was hard to get work, so I looked at working in a ski resort. There was one problem like our female lead character Kim (Jones) I cant ski or board so that route wasout of the question but I relate to some of the job problems she has in this movie.This looks your typical quircky British romcom and for those Gossip Girl fans bit of eye candy for the girls in the shape of Ed Westwick though if they want a sugardaddy there is always the delectible Bill Nighy!!!

Vodpod videos no longer available.

source MyDaily


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