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Sky Movies Blog of the Year are taking Blog Suggestions

Hey guys I would have posted this yesterday but I had a powercut believe it or not but Sky Movies sent me this email about the Movie Blog of The Year award and the best blog wins a 3D TV, free Sky and a fortnightly column on the Sky website.

At this stage they are looking for suggestions of what  blogs people like and from that list a shortlist will be compiled and the winner be be chosen.

So if you have a blog or know any good blogs head over to Sky Movies Facebook page (link) below and suggest a winner! Ill make one little suggestion!  I may not be as massive as some of the great blogs been mentioned on the facebook page or even have a team of movie bloggers working for them (Its just me here though you can help out here, just email me) but anyone who knows me or follows this blog or my other Cinehouse knows im a passionite movie fans and the limited time I may have I do my best to spread the movie love to each and everyone of you.

What was that movie blog I suggested? ThepeoplesMovies or even!

If you have a blog and your enterting I wish all enteries the best of luck !

more info here

FACEBOOK LINK suggest/vote here!


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