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Matt Damon Not Happy With BOURNE LEGACY

The Bourne franchise happens to be one of my favourite all time movie franchises, it has been  movies that proved Matt Damon can play an exceptional action hero along with drama and comedy movies. I always believe if an sucessful movie franchise been very consistant throughout they should finish on a high however if there’s plenty of story still to be told I dont have much problems on how much more is shown, So when in October it was annouced an fourth installment is on the way.

Tony Gilroy who wrote the three Bourne movies will write and also direct this new upcoming movie but it wont be Matt Damon who’ll be Jason Bourne but a completely new character leaving the door opening for Damon and Paul Greengrass to return. Universal Pictures though want Jason Bourne as the movies main character with Matt Damon or without him as they want to make the character into a long franchise like James Bond making it possible for different actors playing bourne.

Remember Matt Damon wasn’t the first actor to take on Jason Bourne, back in the 1980’s it was Richard Chamberlin, so Damon recently spoke to MTV about the studio’s plans for the character and he wasn’t a happy bunny:

I have no idea what (Tony Gilroy) has planned. But he’s a very smart guy, so I’m sure it’s going to be good. I do know that whatever he’s doing won’t preclude Paul Greengrass and I from coming back and doing ours. What they ultimately want is a franchise that can kind of go on and on. We explained to them that our character isn’t like James Bond. You can’t send him on a mission. There’s character development, there’s an arc that the character has traveled through the three movies. You don’t just start over at the beginning of every movie. I think what they’re looking for is a way to build that in so that they can continue without Paul and me eventually. I love the character. I love the stories. But only if Paul Greengrass says he will direct again. So far, though, he’s decided not to. I’d definitely say yes if he went for it. I know he would have a great story, and it would protect the legacy of what we created.

So What do you think will the Bourne Legacy be the same without Matt Damon and can the franchise do the same as James Bond and actually be as sucessfull? Let us know your thoughts below…


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