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George Clooney Steps in For Robert Downey Jnr for Alfonso Cuaron’s GRAVITY

Its a hard time for alot of movies or wannabe movies these days everything from financial difficulties, leading actors, artist differences right down to not been a major ott special fx movie the list is endless.Even if you dont like a look of a movie its nice to see amovie finally make it to the big screen after a troubled time getting there and one movie project its having its faire share of problems is Alfonso Cuaron’s GRAVITY.

The movie is about an astronaut  trying to make there way home to earth after a disaster in space  and since the project  went into development a host of big names have been connected with the movie. First up was Angelina Jolie then Robert Downey jnr and first to go was Jolie  and Warner Bros chased a bankable name to fill the spaceboots they got Sandra Bullock only for Downey Jnr to drop out giving scheduling conflicts as his reason, so now the search is on for an actor to play the ‘other’ astronaut who survives the disaster.

According to Heat Vision they are reporting that George Clooney is to play that part now and though its not a major part we’re used to seeing him play it is however very important part to the movie and the begininng of it. The report also goes on to say the actor will start filming the role next spring after he finishes with The Idles Of March an movie adaption of the theatre play Fragguat North, he is alway looking another adaptation this time for his directing buddy Steven Soderbergh who wants to bring 1960’s  cult spy series The Man From U.N.C.L.E.

It took me a while to appreciate George Clooney as an film actor rather than a tv actor or the dude from Killer Tomatoes so I really like the prospect he’ll be in this, hopefully some good lead actors will follow George into this project and fingers crossed the project will leave development hell and head into production.



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