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SOMEWHERE – Video Interviews With Stephen Dorff & Elle Fanning

If anyone said to you stardom is wonderful, its sex, drugs and rock ‘n’ Roll well it can be but its also very loney, especially if your name is Johnny Marco.

This weekend Sofia Coppola‘s SOMEWHERE was released in UK & Ireland and its stars Stephen Dorff a Johnny Marco a Hollywood actor livining his life out nested in a luxury Los Angeles hotel with Drinking, parties and women (and the cassional blonde twin sister lapdancing for him) keeping the boredom away, but just. But its his 11 year old daughter Cleo (elle Fanning) when sh dropped off by her mother the realities of his lonely pivlaged life start to sink in and he tries to discover what he really wants but can cleo also fit into his lifestyle when her mother dumps her on him at last minute.

If you really like like Lost in Translation you’ll like as yesterday I got the chance to check out the movie.The essence of that movie can be found in Somewhere and Dorff’s character has many similarties to Bill Murrays. Our friends a Screenrush caught up with the movies 2 main stars Dorff & Fanning a few months back and had a chat about the movie and of course working with Sofia Coppola, check out the interview…

Somewhere is in UK & Irish Cinema’s now and will be released in USA from December 22nd.

Vodpod videos no longer available.


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