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First Teaser Poster For THOR & Trailer Date release Revealed

Several years ago late teens/early twenties when I was still crazy on American comicbooks one friend asked : “Are You a Captain America Fan or Thor?” My answer was None of them but Iwould choose thor, simply down to the mythological stories of the character whilst Captain America was just a American propaganda veichle. So forward to current time when  news is out both comic book characters are going to be movies which one gives me more excitement…its THOR!

Other the past few months casting, the first images have appeared we even had a 5 minute boolegged promo trailer but now we have the first offical poster which hides a little of Thors true uniform. So I mentined there was a trailer an offical one about to go online? Yes well its 12noon PST time which is 9pm west coast US or for all us her in uk & ireland midnight tonight, in the next hour!!! sostay tuned for that boys and girls!!!

source impawards


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