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TRON LEGACY: The Sound Of Tron Featurette

Its nearly time for TRON LEGACY and stils some pretty damn good featurettes been discovered and our friends at HeyYou guys found this new featurette from Soundworks Collection. The new 9 minute feature focuses on the movies sound and it goes into detail with sound engineer Steve Boeddeker, mixer Gary Rizzo and the movies editor Gwen Yates Whittle and its really interesting to see how the sound was made as we all know the sound is an integeral part of any movie especially Tron. But one sound been the soundtrack has really attracted me to the movie (in fact Ive actually just ordered the cd online whilst doing this!) which has been created by French electro duo DaftPunk there first studio Album in 5 years.

Whilst watching the UK livestream of the movies premiere we learn that DaftPunk actually where working on demos for the movie several years before the filming actually started and the crew worked around there music which shows how important the music is plus the movie and the duo are a match made in heaven too.

Tron Legacy will be with us on December 17th, enjoy

Vodpod videos no longer available.

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