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Your Guide To Survive a Post Apocalypse, Animated Short DUCKED & COVERED

I dot usually post short movies but I had to do for this one as its a funny little animated short. Been a kid of the 1980’s and a unfortunate tag of been labelled Thatcher’s children, the thought of a nuclear attack from Russia was always driven into our minds a possiblity especially when you have a tyrant dictator like Margaret Thatcher eager to blow us all up. So what if a Apocalypse was pending would you know what to do to survive? No fear not I have the answer below!Lets put things into perspective no fashion, no sports, tv or any of those treats or things you love to do will all be gone on the aftermath, but like any disaster we must move on and try to survive the best we can and Nathaniel Lindsay has the answer with DUCKED & SURVIVED!

Lindsey’s brilliant little animated guide to survival of the aftermath is a hilarious dark look at surviving the holocust everything from fashion styles, weapons, becoming a warlord and funniest of all how to defend yourself against killer robots!!!

The movie has done the festival circuit this year picking up numerous awards including one at the maelstrom film festival in Seattle for best animation, so have a giggle, take notes and watch the full short film below….

Vodpod videos no longer available.

source Cinehouse


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